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  1. Imperfect Gaming ArmA 3 Staff Member Application Please note: You're applying for all available positions on all current and future ArmA 3 servers. Eventually, successful and active admins will become admins on the Imperfect Gaming network. (All servers) (*Additional testing may be required for some servers such as roleplay servers, etc) Requirements: Minimum 1-week playtime on the server (Void for now) Minimum 7 hours playtime a week. (On 1 server) Some sort of admin experience on any other game. Ability to make decisions quickly and fairly. Must have a microphone and the ability to use it. Remain calm in stressful situations. Just be a decent human... Please don't pm other staff members about your application. We promise to process it in under 7 days. (Unless otherwise specified) Please put some effort into the application, feel free to add colors, etc but do not edit the general format. Application Format: Name your topic: [A3] Username Staff Member Application The application can be used for our other game servers. Unless otherwise specified. Make sure to edit it accordingly.
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